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From the archive: How youth can kick a** in life with Gary Vee, Jeff Nicholson & Matt Guerin

Hey Empowerment Family!

Before going forward I just want to thank everyone of you, everyone of my guests and the people that have helped me get to where I am now. I recently was in NYC where I got to my mentor, idol and aspiration Gary Vaynerchuk. I sit down with Jeff and Matt from Vaynermedia and discuss everything on the skills young entrepreneurs should have, their greatest lessons for youth along with their best piece of advice and so much more! Enjoy!

Share if you enjoyed and it brought value to you:) Like if liked watching! Comment if you have any questions!:)

NOTHING is impossible, 2 months ago I was lying in bed, now I’m meeting my idol. Stop focusing on dumb shit and the life you're trying to manifest happens because when the dumb shit is gone, only the Optimism, Positive & GOOD stuff is left.




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Itay Itzkovich
Itay Itzkovich
Apr 23, 2021

Dude this is such an inspirational post! You genuinely inspired me with this piece

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