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"Case Competitions are the most exciting opportunity for students to be involved in during academics to advance their career"

What are case competitions?

Case competitions are experiential learning opportunities for students to gain real-world skills through solving a complex problem with a team. 

They can be provincial/statewide nationwide or international case competitions.

In most case competitions, students will compete in teams of 3-4 and solve a problem, prepare a presentation over a restricted amount of time, and deliver that presentation to a set of judges.

In DECA U you either compete by yourself or with a partner solving a case over 15-30 minutes then present your solution to a judge. 

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How do they help?

Case competitions are the way to get into the program and career you want to get into

Case competitions expose you to networking opportunities, your judges are potential employers, your competitors are potential colleagues.


In some competitions, they can give you the opportunity to travel, earn reward money for winning and represent your university on a competitive stage.

What's my experience?

During my undergraduate degree, I competed in 27 case competitions.

Placed top 3 on 13 occasions.

Trained over 12 students to achieve top 3 in national and provincial competitions.

How Can I Help You?

DECA Ryerson

DECA Ryerson 1st & 2nd Place in Management Consulting (2018)

Scotiabank Ethics In Action

Scotiabank Ethics In Action 2nd Place (2018)

Carleton Mooting Competition

Carleton Mooting Competition Distinguished Oralist Semi-Finalist (2019)


York DECA 1st place in Human Resources Management (2018)

CFO 2019

The CFO Case Competition 1st Place (2019)

NIBS 2019

Network of International Business Schools (NIBS 2019)

How can I help you?

Power Point Design

I will help you create meaningful slides that convey your presentation effectively 

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Case Study analysis

I will help you analyze the case you're working on, diagnose the key issues and recommend next steps

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Strategy formulation

I will help you design a strategy to meet the needs of the case

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Coaching your team

I will coach you, your team and help you go from the beginning of your journey to finals

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3 Top 3 Placings!

I got the pleasure of meeting Daniel in his third year of Business at the University of Guelph-Humber. He's someone that is very kind, generous and capable as he has trained and mentored me in DECA & The Canada Comeback Challenge. He was easily approachable and had the best intentions for me. That mindset alongside the training sessions we had together led my partner and me to win a 1st and 3rd place medal at the Guelph-Humber DECA Invitational and, placing in the top of three of our category in The Canada Comeback Challenge.


He is insightful about many industry’s and being able to learn from him through his experiences at International Case Competitions was extraordinarily valuable. He is someone that I can have meaningful conversations with and, through those conversations has helped me develop myself and how I tackle problems in life. I recommend Daniel to anyone looking for a case competition coach or any company considering Daniel for a role

—  Nishanth, Guelph-Humber Business Student

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