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Hi, I’m Daniel

Case Competition Coach, Founder and host of the Youth Empowerment Show. I'm passionate about interviewing empowering people, sharing meaningful stories and connecting youth to the knowledge they need in order to be successful leaders.

I'm starting this journey because Covid-19 had left so many young people not knowing what the future looks like. Many are feeling more anxious than ever around their careers, education and trajectories in life. I humbly hope this podcast and case competition resources provide you with the much-needed clarity and inspiration to go pursue. 

"We don't experience the world fully unless we're willing to give everything


 ― Pema Chödrön, American Tibetan Buddhist and Author

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Speakers testimonials


Shama Hyder

You're one of the top 5 interviewers I've had the pleasure of doing a podcast with and trust me I do half a dozen of these a week


Michael Hyatt

I think you’re a smart guy. You do your work, you ask intelligent questions, you connect with your guests along with your audience


Swish Goswami

Daniel is a dynamic speaker and presenter. He has a desire for change and believes in the importance of asking thoughtful questions that allows for a meaningful connection

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